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  Construction Law

Whether you are a construction contractor, subcontractor, prospective homebuilder, homeowner, or anyone else involved in a construction deal, I can help you achieve your objectives.  My advice is to make sure the contract says what you want it to mean before you sign the document.  Once you sign the contract it is difficult to modify any of the contract terms.  Again, my advice is always to be proactive, i.e., consult with an attorney before problems arise, to make sure you can avoid problems once construction begins.

I can assist you in drafting a construction contract, reviewing a contract, and/or enforcing the terms of a construction contract.

Screening a Contractor. 

All construction contractors in Washington State must be licensed and registered with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries.  However, many contractors continue to do business either as unregistered contractors, i.e., "working under the table," or in a "suspended" or "expired"  registration status.  I can help you screen potential contractors and subcontractors to ensure he or she is not suspended, and/or has expired registration status.  I can also help you determine if the contractor has been sued by customers and/or other subcontractors or materials suppliers in the past.  You do not want to do business with crooks.  The majority of contractors in Washington are legitimate and fair business people.  However, it is the small percentage of bad actors out there who you wish to avoid.  Contact me for an appointment to discuss your construction needs.

Construction Litigation.

Having a well written construction contract, and screening contractors before doing business will usually result in a construction project being completed on-time and without any major problems.  However, in the unfortunate event that you must seek recourse in the courts against a contractor, subcontractor, or homeowner, I have successful experience with construction litigation.  Many contractors who have been in business for many years often are not familiar with Washington's  contractor registration statute. 

Construction contracts must include certain language, and contractors are required by law to provide certain customers with a "Notice to Customer."  The contractor's failure to provide this notice may limit the contractor's rights under certain circumstances.  The contractor registration statute also includes many other requirements for contractors, subcontractors, as well as lays out certain rights afforded to customers.  Contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss your construction issues.