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                   Real Estate Law

Whether you are considering buying or selling real estate, or already own a piece of property, my proactive philosophy about real estate law can help you achieve your objectives.  I can draft purchase and sale agreements, review contracts, draft or review leases, covenants, codes, and restrictions (CC&Rs), draft condominium declarations, easements, and other recorded instruments associated with real property.  I often charge a flat fee for some of this work, depending on the situation.  The time to consult with a competent real estate lawyer is before you sign any legal documents, not afterwards!  Proactive clients usualy pay much lower legal fees compared to reactive clients who only consult with lawyers after they have signed contracts or other legal documents.  Proactive clients tend to avoid trouble, whereas reactive clients only resort to lawyers after the trouble has started.  My advice to you is to be proactive!  Call today to schedule an appointment.